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Personal Injuries You Never Saw Coming

Date: February 5, 2016

feb5-300x200Back in January, after a tenth death was linked to Takata airbags, the federal regulators did a massive recall. While they had already recalled 19 million vehicles, an additional five million were added to the list in the hopes that they could finally put an end to what has been a decade long problem — malfunctioning airbags.

Death and injury by airbags is not big news, but it’s still terrifying. Airbags are meant to keep us safe and to protect us in a crash, not to maim or fatally harm us. But, like many other mechanical failures in cars, this type of personal injury happens all the time and it’s not something you can truly prepare for other than keeping up with automotive recalls and taking proper care of your vehicle.

But you can also keep our name on your mind. At Fincher, Denmark & Minnifeld, we specialize in personal injury cases and have helped many people get the compensation they deserve. In the truly unfortunate cases where a loved one is lost due to a mechanical failure, we’re also able to get their family the financial help they need to ease their pain and suffering. Life can come at you quickly, but we can help you pick up the pieces.

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