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Jonesboro And College Park Governments Let The Good Times Roll In First Chili Cook-off

JONESBORO – The Jonesboro and College Park governments let the good times roll with the first chili cook-off on Fat Tuesday at Fincher And Denmark’s. College Park’s City Engineer, William Moore, concocted “Sweet with a little heart” and beat “Boeuf Gras Delight” of Jonesboro by one vote. Jonesboro Mayor Joy Day was master chef for the city’s entry. According to FD’s business manager, Lee Fincher, Moore has thrown down the gauntlet for next year’s chili cook-off. Fincher said that he is confident his recipe cannot be beaten. Day will be looking for an improved recipe in the coming year. The… Read More

What’s It Like To Work In A Law Office?

If you believe what you see on TV, law offices are populated by glamorous, often unethical people that spend much of their time conducting illicit affairs. In reality, our office at least, is populated by very ethical people who spend their time working hard looking after the affairs of our clients. Some of us are glamorous. Most of us are not. Think of it like working in an emergency room where you are saving livelihoods instead of lives. It is often that fast paced and that intense. It is fast paced and intense because much of what we do is… Read More

What’s It Really Like To Be A Witness?

Ever wondered what it might be like to be a witness? To, “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” Whether you are being asked to testify in a courtroom or in a legal proceeding such as a deposition, it is important that you know what to expect. Each case is different, but in general, lawyers will have witness preparation with clients before the client testifies. It is usually not like what you see on TV. The goal of witness preparation is just that, to prepare you to testify. To relax you and let you know what to expect from… Read More

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