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We’re Personal Injury Experts

No one ever hopes to need a lawyer, regardless of their situation. But when it comes to personal injury suits, the situation is even more unfortunate. Too often, personal injury cases are more expensive than other lawsuits and hold a lot of emotional trauma. Whether you’re injured in a car accident, a work accident, or a slip and fall incident doesn’t matter. What matters is that personal injuries require you to miss time from work, to have medical bills you weren’t expecting pile up on you, and to suffer from the emotional trauma and fears that the accident brings upon… Read More

We Believe In Commitment

Nobody wants to need a lawyer, but it’s something that can’t always be avoided. You already know you want an attorney you can trust, but have you considered how you’ll find someone who values commitment? When it comes to your case, we do everything we can at FD Law to get you what you deserve. We are committed to you. Your case isn’t just a file folder on our desks. Instead, it is what we’re fighting for every day, it’s what we’re working towards, it’s our responsibility to you and we are committed to it. We are committed to you.… Read More

Modeling Integrity Every Day

Integrity. It’s a simple-sounding word, but it carries a lot of weight. Its definitions include ‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness’ and ‘the state of being whole and undivided’. At FD Law, we model those definitions every day. When you’re looking for a lawyer, not only do you need an attorney that knows the laws, but you want one that upholds moral principles and honesty without question. It’s not enough to have someone who’s willing to fight for you. You need someone who believes in integrity, an attorney that will work as an undivided… Read More

Finding A Lawyer For Your Specific Case

If you’re in need of an attorney, you might be wondering how to start the process. If you were looking for a doctor, you wouldn’t walk into the first building you saw with a sign that said “MEDICAL HELP”, would you? You would do some research and find a doctor that can fit your specific needs. Breaking your leg means finding an orthopedic surgeon, not a neurosurgeon. Finding your lawyer shouldn’t be any different. With over 100 years of combined experience, we’re well-versed in personal injury lawsuits, civil rights claims, and film industry laws. Preparing yourself for a lawsuit, or… Read More

Five Reasons You Need To Hire A Lawyer

Nobody ever wants to find themselves in a situation where they need an attorney, but it happens every day. You may think you can try and get by without one, but here are five reasons why you absolutely need to hire a lawyer. Your emotions are running high. If your case is one where emotions are running high, such as divorce, personal injury or wrongful death, you’ll want a lawyer to navigate everything for you. Focus on yourself and let one of our law experts take care of the rest. You’re fighting for lost wages. If you suffered a personal… Read More

Follow FD Law On Social Media

Social media is a huge part of our lives and can be a great help when you’re looking for a business or service. With reviews from actual people, endorsements from other legitimate businesses and seeing interaction between a business and its social media followers can create a sense of comfort and communication for you. At Fincher And Denmark LLC, we know how hard it can be to find yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer. Finding one, meeting with them and hoping they’ll do right by you are all stressors you shouldn’t have to deal with on top… Read More

Fearless: Our Firm Will Do Whatever It Takes

There is a radio ad from one of the “big firms” that asks “how would you know” if the lawyer you hire has the resources to handle your case – sometimes smaller firms can barely make payroll. How would you know if the lawyer you hire has a stable business? How would you know if the lawyer you hire is “feared” by the insurance companies? These are good questions.  How do you know? It is a good idea to ask what the law firm is rated – lawyers are rated by their peers.  “AV,” is the highest rating you can… Read More

FD: Proud To Serve You

You may have never thought that you would need a lawyer at some point, but life has an uncanny way of changing things up and making us take back our own predictions. We’re sorry that you’re in a position where you need legal representation, but we aren’t sorry that we are here to be the guidance you need! At FD, you are working with true experts. Our attorneys are some of the most accomplished in the state and have been rated as Super Lawyers. We have attorneys skilled in government law, personal injury, wrongful death, business law, family law and… Read More

A Lawyer’s Creed

When most people think about what it means to be a lawyer, their best reference is something along the lines of Tom Cruise inA Few Good Men. There’s a lot more to it, of course, but the biggest thing our firm believes in when it comes to being your attorney is upholding the lawyer’s creed and oath. We are here to serve you, our clients, and your well-being is always our main focus. The State Bar of Georgia believes in this, too. You can pass the exam, be accepted into the bar and more, but if you’re not willing to… Read More

Trust: FD Law Lives It Every Day

In the United States of America, it’s easy to take our everyday freedoms for granted. Our laws are grounded in a sense of justice that protects the most disadvantaged and the most powerful. For over 200 years, the system has worked. When it hasn’t, society has risen up to make the necessary changes. As FD attorneys, we are humbled by our responsibility to help protect the rights of all. We take our legal role seriously, and report to work every day determined to do our best for our fellow citizens. You can be sure we will treat you the way… Read More